art + adventure - what does plein air mean?

Lately, I've been thinking deeply about how to connect and share all of my adventures/paintings/words to the experience of place. Plein Air painting, whether it's a quick sketch here or an afternoon spent on the mountain, is never really about the image created. If you're a Plein Air painter yourself, you'll realize that you remember the time you created immediately when you see the created image. If you're new to Plein Air creating, because you don't have to just paint to feel the creative vibe of nature, focus on how it makes you feel not just making a pretty picture. You'll soon realize that Plein Air brings that space, that moment, that experience into the creative process. That's where the Art happens. 

For me, Plein Air has been my way of expressing what nature does to my body and soul. It's in my sketchbooks where I can pour out the feelings that I often can't fully explain. 

Colors dance across the landscapes.

Pencil lines move along the ridges and shapes of the mountains in my mind. 

I'm able to breathe, feel immersed into my surroundings, and enjoy simple act of creating. Plein Air painting acts like a jumpstart to those feelings and the making itself. When I'm out in nature, I can't be distracted by the everyday lists. Plein Air puts you in the spot and says its time to create, not time to overthink everything. Because our moments are fleeting. The fog rolls in, that Colorado thunderstorm came out of nowhere, the sun sets. 

I'm still asking myself those questions of how to keep sharing and teaching people about the beauty and awesomeness of creating in the outdoors. It calls to me and I grow more and more excited every time I get to share the experience whether thats in going on a hike with a friend, teaching drawing tips, or just sharing my images. 

I care to live only to entice people to look at Nature’s loveliness.
— John Muir, letter to Mrs. Ezra S. Carr, from Yosemite Valley (7 October 1874)


Here are a few places you can check out my adventures! I hope they bring you the inspiration to get outdoors and create!

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