when women lead.


when women lead

Exactly a week ago now, I found myself snowed in for first snowfall of the year in the High Camp Hut outside of Telluride, Colorado. Seventeen women, all from our different forests, mountains, homes (some vans), and walks of life met for the Wild Women's Project. We explored, hiked, built fires, laughed, dreamt, encouraged each other and opened up to each other (and ourselves). Though we brought our differences, we all shared something similar - our hearts were all found and formed by the outdoors. 


I'm so full of gratitude for that weekend away connecting with these strangers, that quickly became part of my tribe. Their lives, hearts and stories fueled my inspiration and drive even further - I look forward to when our paths cross again.

My heart is so full (still), Wild Women's Project, thank you. 

Andrea Slusarski