adventure sketchbook log; Guatemala 03.2018

I wrote these first words within the time of returning home from my spring trip to Guatemala, then life happened & I never got around to sharing them.
I’ve been thinking about those landscapes & people of Guatemala a ton recently in the aftermath of the Fuego Volcano natural disaster. Thank you for stopping by to hear these stories & learning how you too can help.
— a slu

'I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way, things I had no words for.' - georgia o'keeffe.

I like a plan. Researching, organizing, strategizing - I take that back I love a plan, and while I feel that excitement, I still feel that side where I overwhelm myself. I let worry happen, I crowd my calendar, blah blah blah. This trip, however, I did quite the opposite. 

There was not a single doubt in my mind that when my cousins left for Antigua, Guatemala to live their dream that I was going to buy a flight. I pretty much did it weeks after they left

I didn't know what to quite expect, this was my first time traveling to Central America - heck, this was my first WARM weather trip in quite some time. Typically, I would have over researched everything to do. Instead, I was too excited just to see my cousins to even image search where I was going. 

So there I was, a flight to Guatemala. I had no idea what I was going to experience, I just knew I was going to be around the people I cared about. 


My GUATE checklist; 

see the ocean, be in nature, draw everyday, & hold hands. 

That's the point when life happened & I never finished or shared this adventure sketchbook log. (I did complete everything on my checklist!) Thankfully, my sketchbook can instantly take me back to those places every time I share & talk about it with my family & friends. 

The sketchbook page I keep coming back to, however, doesn't live in my sketchbook anymore.


After our Volcan de Fuego adventure, I ripped out the painting below to give to our guide & my new friend, victor.

Volcan de Fuego - Basecamp Morning Sketch

Volcan de Fuego - Basecamp Morning Sketch


In hearing the news of the recent Volcan de Fuego natural disaster affecting this area of Guatemala, my heart went straight to this drawing and Victor and I's friendship. Which reminds me why ART is so meaningful & powerful. ART can take us on new adventures, remind us of memories, make friendships & most importantly, do good for our Earth.

These drawings are ready to be shared & I'm so excited to help them in their effort to do good & help the people & communities effected from this difficult time.

For the month of june, I'm excited to partner with project apoyo - a local organization committed to improving Guatemalan communities through education and business opportunities with interactive, hands-on love - that I was fortunate to meet while visiting antigua this spring.

I will be pre-selling a special PROJECT APOYO set of 5x7" Fine Art Card sets + envelopes with 100% of profits going to Project Apoyo's efforts to long term location/rebuilding relief efforts for families in need.

Drawing from nature x project apoyo card set; donate here

100% of profits donated to project apoyo // order ends june 26th

Andrea Slusarski